party playlist application passtheaux


PassTheAux let’s you and your friends connect together to make a party playlist using a single Spotify Premium account. PassTheAux is the BEST way to share music with your friends.

A must have for parties, road trips and holidays.

Host a room with your Spotify Premium account and let friends near you join it and add songs to play. PassTheAux will automatically link you and your friends together if you have Bluetooth enabled. A data connection is required to sign into the app. Stop giving people your phone password or swapping devices in and out of a speaker when you are jamming out with your friends.


Get signed in with the social media account of your choice and choose to host or join a room. If a room is being hosted nearby, you will automatically be added when you click on Join. Once you have joined you are ready to start sharing music. Search for any song to liven up the party and add it to the upcoming songs list.

Seamless Setup

Login with your social media account and hit “join a room” to start contributing to a room near you. No Spotify account required.

Community Powered Jukebox

Listen to a playlist of music curated by you and your friends.

Powered by Spotify

No extra signup. No extra cost. No extra hassle.


Vote on what’s playing. Keep the fire tracks going and skip the bad ones!



PassTheAux is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Start the party off right, download PassTheAux now and get started sharing music!